Wilderness week for advanced learners

Wilderness week for advanced learners

A program for all experienced outdoor enthusiasts from 16 years of age. On foot and on water we explore the wild nature of Swedish Lapland for 5 days. Hiking, canoeing, fishing, camping, cooking at the open campfire and much more in the land of the midnight sun.

Travel data

The dates for the wilderness weeks in summer 2021 on request

Programme details

1st day, Sunday - Arrival Kiruna - We will pick you up personally at the airport in Kiruna and drive together for about 1h to the south, to our lodge in Moskojärvi. There, about 100 Alaskan Huskies, a delicious dinner and a soft bed await you.

2nd day, Monday - Off to the adventure - After we have distributed equipment and food to our backpacks, we set off on foot. Our destination is the peak of the 755m high Avvakko, our nearest fell, about 5 km away. For lunch everybody has prepared a tasty sandwich, which we will take with us on the way up,
can strengthen. We set up our camp near the summit and enjoy a simple dinner with a fantastic view of the wilderness below us.

Day 3, Tuesday - Through the wilderness- The goal of the day is to find the boats that are ready for us at the lake. For this we have to find our way through the wilderness on foot, for about 8 km, with map and compass. When we reach our destination, we set up a comfortable camp, collect firewood and can provide for dinner with a fishing rod and net.

4th - 6th day, Wednesday - Friday - on the water - in these three days we cover a good 30 km in our boats on the water. We paddle over lakes and through natural channels, which still have some surprises in store for us. On the way there is plenty of time for fishing, so there is also plenty of time for food. We find our camp sites along the waterway in the wilderness and our simple meals are mostly prepared on open fire.
Once we arrive at our destination, a transporter with a boat trailer is already waiting for us, with which we then make our way back to the lodge in about 30 minutes.
Now only the equipment has to be supplied, dried and possibly repaired before we can enjoy a well-deserved hot sauna, a delicious meal and a soft bed.

7th day, Saturday - Day for free arrangement - Today is time for relaxation, sauna, fishing or maybe a little walk with one of our lovely Alaskan Huskies.

8th day, Sunday - Departure - We will bring you back to the airport in Kiruna, wish you a good trip and hope to see you soon, maybe to one of our winter programs.

A few more tips for preparation

The Nordic summer holds many surprises for us. Until mid-August the days are almost endless thanks to the midnight sun. The average temperature is between 10°C - 30°C. There may be extended periods of rain or sunshine which may affect our programme. For example, if the drought continues, there may be a fire ban that forces us to cook in alternative ways. From the end of August, in addition to the abundant fish, we can also provide ourselves with fresh cloudberries, blueberries and mushrooms. Our constant companions during the wilderness week will be the mosquitoes, against which you can easily protect yourself with long clothing and standard mosquito repellents.

Packing List for Wilderness Week

    • Hiking backpack min. 60 liter capacity, for our mountain hike
    • waterproof bags for stowing personal belongings
    • well fitting hiking boots, sneakers are not suitable for hiking in our terrain
    • wind and waterproof clothing, e.g. Gore-Tex trousers and jacket with hood
    • robust clothing for hiking and canoeing
    • fleece or wool jacket, for cooler temperatures
    • long underwear
    • warm cap
    • Leather gloves to paddle, carve, collect firewood, work with axe and saw...
    • Headlamp, from mid August
    • simple knife, preferably with fixed blade up to 12 cm in length
    • Bathing shoes or well-fitting sandals with closed toe area, for the uneven bottom of waters, necessary for traversing waters
    • Swimwear, for cooling off and washing in the lake
    • biodegradable shower gel, we will wash ourselves in the water for a few days and do not want the fish to taste of soap
    • Travel towel
    • Sun hat or cap, for the sunny hours on the water
    • Sunglasses and sunscreen
    • Water bottle, at least 2 litres capacity
    • commercial mosquito repellent
    • personal snacks, e.g. nuts and dried fruit for in between
    • personal first aid kit, should contain a few compresses, bandages, plasters and personal medicines and be packed waterproof