Training with champions

The "Training with Champs" programme gives an exciting insight into the daily training routine of an Ididarod Husky team.

Sled dog training begins in late summer, when temperatures drop below 15 degrees. The early coming autumn is characterised by an indescribable blaze of colour, with reds and yellows dominating. The nights become cool and the first frost already occurs in September, and in the mountains there is often already the first snow. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can often be seen during this time.

Travel dates

The programme can be booked from 21 August until 6 November.
Duration 4 or 8 days.

What you can expect

There is always a lot going on at our farm. The sled dogs are in training, the puppies are learning to socialise. You will be there harnessing the puppies, driving the dogs, feeding them, preparing them and other activities of the dog sledders. We train the dogs about 10 times a week. There are many new and interesting experiences for dog lovers. The dog trainers will spend a lot of time teaching interested people how to handle the dogs.

During their time with us, the friendly dogs become your best friends. This is confirmed by the fact that many come back not just once, but again and again. This is the real "dog musher life" that you will enjoy. It is not a 0815 life, but it is our lifestyle. We guarantee unique memories and dreams that come true. 

Of course, smaller private tours can be undertaken on your own if desired. Examples include hiking in the nearby surroundings, canoeing and fishing.

Services included in the program

    • Accommodation in our Wilderness Lodge, Snowtrail Dogcamp or Husky Lodge
    • Full board: 3 meals/day
    • Daily training and help with our adult dogs and puppies
    • Personal Extra Clothes
    • Transport to and from Kirnu Airport
    • Slide show from 7-time Iditarod finisher Mats and his crew about their experiences with sled dogs and racing.
    • Only one or more optional nights in our Autora-Huts for 2 persons arenot included.

To book the program

For travel bookings, the travel agency in your country, with which we work together, is available to you with pleasure and competence. You can find a list of travel agencies here.

For further questions you can contactus.