The Snowtrail Dogcamp in the press

As of 1 April 2022, Mats Pettersson has taken over the Snowtrail Dogcamp from Lotti Meier. Lotti Meier has run the Snowtrail Dogcamp for 28 years and made it what it is today.

Life in the far north did not only offer sunny days for her. But it is precisely this circumstance that has shaped her into a lovable and exciting personality. Not only her family, her friends and the guests of the lodge appreciate this - but also the media. Lotti has left a lasting mark on the DNA of the Snowtrail Dogcamp.

Lotti has been visited by the press time and again and numerous articles have been published in the various media as well as a book about her. 

Here you can find some of the reports that have been published:  

Press release on the handover of the baton at Snowtrail Dogcamp

With one eye crying and one eye laughing, I would like to inform you that after 28 years I have handed over the baton, i.e. the management of the Snowtrail Dogcamp, to my successor Mats Pettersson in mid-April.

The weeping eye refers to my many loyal clients, my long-time team, my faithful dogs, the wonderful and helpful neighbours and the unique landscape and nature up here in Swedish Lapland. I will miss all this very much.

The smiling eye looks at my successor Mats Pettersson, who has taken over the Snowtrail Dogcamp and will continue in my spirit. Mats Pettersson is an experienced musher from Kiruna. Among other things, he is a 6-time finisher of the Iditarod race in Alaska, the toughest and longest dog sled race in the world. This year he also stayed in Alaska until the end of March to prepare for the race. You can reach Mats Pettersson at:

Paws in the snow

My animal good life with animals in Lapland

A book about the interesting life of Lotti Meier was published in November 2020 by "Eden Books". The author is Andrea Micus. The book can be ordered in bookshops and at Amazon with this ISBN number 978-3-95910-299-5.
The content in brief
The successful fashion designer Lotti Meier has everything: a well-paid job, a nice apartment, a holiday home in the Swiss mountains. But she hasn't been really happy for a long time now. She is forty years old, feels listless and tired when she spontaneously books a dog sled tour in Lapland. There she loses her heart in the clinking cold landscape between fascinating northern lights, endless forests and lakes - first to the admirably loyal and strong huskies and later to a man.
For her dream to live in the silence and seclusion of the far north, she gives up everything. But the new start north of the Arctic Circle, far away from everything she has known up to now, turns out quite differently than expected. After a bitter setback she has to fight for her huskies and together with the affectionate four-legged friends she finally builds up the life she has dreamed of for so long.
Numerous articles have been published in various print media in connection with the book. You can download and read them here as PDF files: 

Podcast with Lotti 

26 March 2019

LifeChangingPlaces - Swedish Lapland. A podcast with Lotti Meier, presented by Lufthansa.

Here is the link to it >>>

Swiss farmer

9 January 2019

"I've got chicken and roughnecks"

24 years ago Lotti Meier emigrated from Switzerland to the north of Sweden to start a new life with sled dogs 150 kilometres above the polar circle on barren ground

Text and photos: Christian Zufferey

Click here for the PDF of the article >>>

Valaisan envoys

July 19, 2018

"I used to sit outside and cry"
150 kilometres above the northern polar circle Lotti Meier lives with her sled dogs. In the interview, Meier, who grew up in Visp - and used to work as a draughtswoman for underwear - talks about her freedom in Swedish Lapland and why she needs a cook from the Valais.

Text and photos: Christian Zufferey

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Nordis - the Northern Europe Magazine

November 7, 2017

On the road with Husky & Co. in the nordic winter
"Dogs in the city" is a topic of conversation that can lead to lively and controversial discussions even among friends. But when Lotti Meier, the operator of the "Snowtrail Dogcamp" in Swedish Lapland, invites to the Husky-ABC at her lodge, which lies lonely in the wide forests of the province Norrbottenslän, even the biggest dog grouch gets into raptures.

Text & Photos: Annika Müller & Ralf Gantzhorn

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Zürichsee Zeitung - From miles to the polar circle  

20 December 2016

The former miler Lotti Meier has been running a guest house with sled dogs in northern Sweden for over 21 years. With almost 90 huskies she lives 150 kilometres north of the polar circle. In the Lappish wilderness she has found to herself. She also wants to pass this calmness on to the tourists.

Click here for the PDF of the article or directly to the ePaper of the Zürichsee Zeitung

TagesAnzeiger - Wild ride through Lapland's winter wonderland  

November 2, 2016

Lotti Meier from Zurich runs a lodge in the north of Sweden with 14 places for ice fishermen or sledgers. Her 80 huskies are the big attraction. Woe betide her when she lets go!

Click here for the PDF of the article or directly to the ePaper of the TagesAnzeiger - a short portrait 

October 24, 2016

A guest article of the Snowtrail Dogcamp was published in the online travel magazine >>>  

Lotti Meier in SRF - Mission Surprise

15 December 2015

Lotti Meier in Lapland: Sled dogs and cloudberries


Broadcast on Sunday, 19 July 2015

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Snowtrail Dogcamp on ZDF

Lotti Meier, the drop-out in Lapland.

Lotti Meier at Aeschbacher in November 2010

Outdoor magazine - Husky tours in Lapland

Travelling once on a dog sled through the snowy expanse of Lapland - the Snowtrail Dogcamp in Northern Sweden makes this dream come true.

The article as PDF

Organiser - the magazine for SMEs

Team building - polar dogs as a mirror of the business world .... the article as PDF

Lake Zurich newspaper in February 2010

On the sled dog come .... the article as PDF

HR-Today in November 2009

From the fashion world on Lake Zurich to sled dog breeding in Lapland
- The article as PDF
- The contribution on online >>>