Back to nature tour

Back to nature

8 days and 7 nights

This tour is perfect for beginners and for people who want to enjoy sled dogs and nature in a camp with almost no electricity. We only have electricity when the generator is running.

During this week you will have the opportunity to experience the handling of our friends (the sled dogs) at first hand. Under expert guidance, you will lead a husky team in pairs across the expanses of the Swedish winter landscape.

Other highlights of this unforgettable week include an introduction to the Swedish tradition of ice fishing, a visit to the famous ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi (near Kiruna) and to a small Sámi camp with reindeer.

Travel dates

    • Sunday, 22.12 - 29.12.2024

Tour details

Day 1 - Arrival: You will be picked up by minibus at Kiruna airport. The drive to Moskojärvi takes about 1 hour. From our car park you will then continue by snowmobile for about 3 km before reaching our lodge. During a cosy dinner you will get to know the other guests.

Day 2 - Introduction to the technique of mushing: After a hearty breakfast, you will receive an introduction to the technique of "mushing". We will put the theory into practice immediately afterwards: With the help of the crew you will harness the dogs and shortly afterwards you will be on the sled yourself and do your first training lap.
Today everyone has their own sledge with 5 to 6 dogs. There are two people per sled, with one person driving/steering the sled and the other sitting in front enjoying the ride. The guides ride in front with the snowmobile. This way they can help better if things don't go quite so well at first. After lunch, you will have time to explore the surroundings on foot or with snowshoes or to relax in the sauna. Today's tour is about 20 kilometres long.

Day 3 - Dog Sledding Tour: Starting today, we will travel with teams of 6 dogs, each pulling two sleds with one person. The route is between 20 and 30 kilometres long and will be adapted to your ability and the weather conditions.
If possible, we will stop on the way and enjoy lunch by the open fire. Afterwards we go back to the camp, where we finish the afternoon and look forward to a fine dinner.

Day 4 - Medium Dog Sled Tour: Today's tour is between 25 and 35 kilometres long and will take us over the frozen lakes and through dreamlike snowy fairytale landscapes. Also today we will travel with a team of 6 dogs and two sleds per dog team. Whenever possible, we enjoy lunch outside in the great outdoors.

Day 5 - Ice fishing: After a hearty breakfast we will walk together about 4 km along a trail to one of the frozen and snowy lakes. Your guide will bring everything you need on the snowmobile and show you how to drill a hole through the thick ice of the lake and use the fishing rod. Everyone can then get comfortable on a reindeer skin and hope for a catch, alter natively you can try a new hole. We have lunch together around the campfire.
You can fish as long as you like. The impatient among you are welcome to go home earlier and warm up in the sauna.
You will enjoy the last evening at our ice bar and around the cozy campfire. With a little luck, the northern lights will shine for you.

Day 6 - Visit to the Icehotel and Kiruna: The world-famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi and the town of Kiruna are on the programme today. Immediately after breakfast you will go by snowmobile to the car park and from there continue by car to Kiruna. Here you can explore the town individually and visit the famous wooden church. On the way back we visit the world famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi together. Admission to the Icehotel costs approx. 325 SEK and must be paid separately.

Day 7 - Longer dog sledding tour: Our mushing tour today is between 35 and 45 km long. We will be on the road between 4 and 6 hours, also today depending on the weather and your ability. Also today we will travel with a team of 6 dogs and two sleds per dog team. You have the choice to drive the sled alone or too far. 

Day 8 - Departure: Today it is time to pack our bags and say goodbye. After breakfast we will drive together by snowmobile to the car park and from there by minibus to the airport in Kiruna. 


    • Depending on the weather conditions, our tours may require physical effort from you. An honest assessment of your own fitness is therefore important.
    • For the more adventurous among you, we offer the opportunity to spend a night out in the wilderness where, with a bit of luck, you can experience the Northern Lights up close. All necessary information and also the equipment for an unforgettable night in the nature we provide for free.
    • As our programs and activities are dependent on the weather, we reserve the right to make short-term program changes.
    • Prerequisite for the implementation of the program is the participation of at least 2 to a maximum of 14 people.

Services included in the price

    • 7 nights in 2-/4 bedded rooms in the lodge, shared use of WC and shower
    • Full board (breakfast, simple lunch, dinner, soft drinks)
    • Mushing jacket, trousers and boots
    • Dog sled teams for 2 persons each
    • Transfer from or to the airport in Kiruna

What you have to take with you

    • Ski jacket, ski pants, winter boots
    • warm cap, possibly made of fur
    • Finger gloves (wool) for working with the dogs
    • thick warm mittens for mushing
    • Slippers or hut shoes
    • warm woolen socks
    • warm underwear
    • Sweaters
    • Headlamp or flashlight, batteries if necessary

To book the program

For travel bookings, the travel agency in your country, with which we work together, is available to you with pleasure and competence. You can find a list of travel agencies here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Are you curious? Bernd Achtnich from EvoRhei has captured some great impressions in a YouTube video and takes you on a little trip to our Snowtrail Dogcamp.